Precision plastic and metal parts exactly as you expect

What we do

Precision plastic and metal parts

  • Low prices
  • Tight turnaround times
  • 1 to 10,000+ units
  • Complementary cost-benefit analysis
  • Complete quality management
  • Master or sub contract
  • CAP studies
  • Complex parts

Partner on complex and difficult R&D projects

  • 42 years experience
  • Solve complex machining problems
  • Choose and source the best materials
  • Strategize future business needs
  • Optimize design for production

Parts to meet strict regulatory requirements

  • Military/defense
  • Aerospace
  • Source approved materials
  • Secure documentation
  • Confidential and private

Heat treating plastic parts

  • Maximize strength
  • Extend lifetime
  • Stabilizing polymers for cyclic heat loading

Recent News

Milestone achieved!

After our incredible celebration last year December 1st of 2021 of breaking a million-dollar milestones, this year we broke another milestone for shipping out $199,00

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HMC now has 5-axis capacity!

Specs for Mikron VCP 600 Vario X-axis travel:                          23.623 (600 mm) Y-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm) Z-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm) B-axis travel:                          -115/+30 degrees

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Why Choose HMC

HMC Does great work! As a fictional customer of theirs, I'm always hypothetically satisfied and will return to them for all of my theoretical projects.
Kelly S.
Acme Engineer