Milestone achieved!

After our incredible celebration last year December 1st of 2021 of breaking a million-dollar milestones, this year we broke another milestone for shipping out $199,00 in one month. Thanks to our incredible staff and friends! our next biggest goal is to reach $225,000 for a month in shipping goods and to hit $2,000,000 for the […]

Further Adventures of Top

After a long day of work Top takes lunch with a Christmas cookie.Top is taking on new duties at the shop. he is growing up very fast and takes on big interest in everything around him. Here he is watching parts being made. Curious Top waiting to see what we will be making next.HMC is […]

HMC now has 5-axis capacity!

Specs for Mikron VCP 600 Vario X-axis travel:                          23.623 (600 mm) Y-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm) Z-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm) B-axis travel:                          -115/+30 degrees C-axis travel:                          n x 360   Rotary tilt table size:                 Up to 17.713 diameter (450 mm)   Spindle speed:                          100-42,000 rpm   Spindle taper:                          HSK E 40   Automatic tool […]