HMC major reveal coming soon!

Can you guys guess what it could be?. We would love to tell you, it’s the biggest thing to ever happen to HMC yet!. Stay with us on our journey.   : : :

Milestone achieved!

After our incredible celebration last year December 1st of 2021 of breaking a million-dollar milestones, this year we broke another milestone for shipping out $199,00 in one month. Thanks to our incredible staff and friends! our next biggest goal is to reach $225,000 for a month in shipping goods and to hit $2,000,000 for the […]

Further Adventures of Top

After a long day of work Top takes lunch with a Christmas cookie.Top is taking on new duties at the shop. he is growing up very fast and takes on big interest in everything around him. Here he is watching parts being made. Curious Top waiting to see what we will be making next.HMC is […]

HMC now has 5-axis capacity!

Given the complexity of some of the parts we are asked to make HMC is adding a 5-axis mill to the shop.  A work area of X= 19.7″ x Y=17.7″ x Z=15.7″ along with spindle speeds of up to 18 k will allow us to handle most customer needs. If you have jobs that would […]

HMC at 2021 EASTEC Exhibit

We attended the October, 2021 EASTEC exhibit.  Here is Miranda sitting at the HMC booth, ready to engage any prospective customers that walk by!