Quality Management System

Quality Management System

The mission of HMCPM is to provide its customers with products that meet or exceed their needs and expectations.  In order to succeed at its mission, the company’s management has created a workplace where value is placed on superior performance and where company members are encouraged to speak freely about risks and opportunities. The company owners believe that “The effective range of an excuse is zero meters” on the understanding that excuses do not substitute for conforming parts created in a controlled manner and in conformance with customer requirements.


Company policy is to maintain a superior level of customer satisfaction by delivering products to our customers when they need them, with no defects, every time.

QMS Maintenance, Training, and Certification

Inspections at all phases of production

Internal Auditing

Calibration and traceability

Sourcing materials from approved suppliers

Ensuring privacy and confidentiality of our customers

On-site customer inspections and process observation

Custom inspection tooling and processes