Yes, HMC can manage complex purchase orders.

Our engineers can use robotic integration to improve processes where human error could have a negative impact. Automating certain processes can allow us to run “lights out” at nights or over weekends, which help massive production runs meet unparalleled delivery dates with unmatched precision.

Yes, we can accept PDF drawings and solid models in a variety of formats. Please submit to: [email protected]

Energy, aerospace, semi-conductor, and commercial.

HMCPM  machines diverse materials including aluminum, brass, and many plastics. We will be happy to assist you with any special needs you may have.

At HMC we recognize that under real world production demands there is no such thing as a typical turnaround time.  Instead, we will work with you to develop a schedule that meets your needs for timeliness and cost efficiency.

We prefer to provide pricing upon detailed review of your needs. This approach is much more accurate, and therefore more valuable to the customer.

Most of our customers require that we procure raw materials, but we have no objection if you decide to source the materials for the job. We can offer information on the most efficient material size and configuration for the job. If you require we can also procure material from specific, approved sources.

HMCPM understand that we must abide by customers requirements, and therefore we are  willing to enter into  privacy agreements. We take confidentiality here very seriously.