Our low capital costs translate to lower prices for you. We invest in precision, not in model year.

We carefully select and upgrade the best older machines and buy them outright and then we measure precision with the best tools money can buy. These machines can hold the same, or better, tolerances as new machines and we run them with trained and experienced machinists.

Milling and Turning Machines

Mori Seiki MV40

X=31.000″ x Y=15.600″ x Z=26.000″

Mori Seiki MV40 pallet mill

X=31.000″ x Y=16.000″ x Z=26.000″

Robodrill T14-Ibl

X=27.00″ x Y=15.000″ x Z=18.000″

Robodrill Mate X (Qty2)

16.14″ x Y = 12.20″ x Z Axis = 12.99

Hardinge SP lathe

Z=12.00″ x=6.00 diameter

Mori Seiki MV40

X=31.000” x Y=15.600” x Z=26.000”

Hardinge GT27 Gang lathe

Z=5.00″ x X=6.000″

Hardinge chucker gang lathe

Z=6.000″ x X=4.000″

Puma MS live tool (Qty2)

X= 205mm x Z= 580mm

ProtoTRAK knee mill

X=34.000″ x Y=18.000″ x Z=13.000″

Manual lathe

Z=18.000″ x X=8.000″

Specs for Hardinge CT-A

  • Spindle Capacity With Round 5C Hardinge Collets: 1-1/16″
  • Travel of Cross Slide: 4-1/2″
  • Spindle Speed Range (Variable): 125 – 3000 RPM

Specs for Mikron VCP 600 Vario

  • X-axis travel:                          23.623 (600 mm)
  • Y-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm)
  • Z-axis travel:                          17.723 (450 mm)
  • B-axis travel:                          -115/+30 degrees
  • C-axis travel:                          n x 360
  •   Rotary tilt table size:                 Up to 17.713 diameter (450 mm)
  •   Spindle speed:                          100-42,000 rpm
  •   Spindle taper:                          HSK E 40
  •   Automatic tool changer capacity:        36