HMC services can help your project succeed regardless of where you are in the design, build, test or production process. We can provide services individually or bundle any required services into a single quote.
We can source materials for you to meet regulatory requirements and ensure traceability or work with materials you source and provide to us.
We can help your R&D projects turn into successful production runs by helping guide your designs consider manufacturing at-scale from the start without slowing down your proof of concepts or unnecessarily raising costs. HMC will consider future business potential while pricing your initial R&D and POC projects.
We have extensive experience working with various metal and plastic materials and we can help you choose the right material to save you time, money, or increase the strength, quality, or other characteristics of your parts.

We can take your R&D and POC parts and help you figure out how to turn them into high-quality and cost-effective production runs.

HMC has a high quality QMS and we can incorporate additional steps, tools, and documentation to meet your needs.

HMC acts routinely as both master and subcontractor. We can send your parts out directly for additional processes like anodization, heat treated, engraving, etc and receive them back for additional work, labeling, and shipping. We can expedite shipping.

HMC is very familiar with the Kanban process and is able to satisfy “just in time” manufacturing requirements by maintaining inventory at our facility, not yours.  Let us help you shorten supply chains and lose those offshore blues!